Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most often asked questions about The Iota Club. If your question exists outside of this page, please feel free to message us directly via the contact page.

What is the Iota Club?

The International Organization of Timeless Affinities is an events based private social club. We bring people from different industries and backgrounds together. The purpose is to provide a platform for members to expand their networks and to meet new, interesting people. The Iota Club is the first platform of its kind for millennials, and seeks to enrich and excel the lives of members in today’s fast paced world. 

The Iota Club recently launched in Boston, and is currently reviewing applications for membership. The club will have its inaugural event later this summer.

For information on club services, please see here.

How much are membership dues? What are the membership tiers?

For information on membership dues and tiers, please visit our Membership Framework page:

What is the membership process? What is the criteria for membership?

The Iota Club is currently accepting applications and will begin the interview process in mid-2017. The first official membership invitations will be handed out subsequently. Once we have reached our member cap this year, applications will close until 2018. The reason this cap exists is to help ensure that all members receive the full Iota experience. This limitation varies by city and will adjust every year.

  • Boston, MA          400 members
  • New York, NY      600 members


Club members are individuals whom have demonstrated achievement in their chosen field of work and those that possess the key characteristics of an Iota:

  • Ambition
  • Intelligence
  • Sociability

For information on member expectations, please see here.

Do I have to pay to attend events? Can I bring guests?

Members do not have to pay to attend Iota events; the annual dues cover all event entries. Regarding guests, most club events will allow a plus one for members.

Where is this club based?

The Iota Club is not based in a single location. We believe that lifestyles in the present day have changed. Aside from gyms, people no longer have time to go to a physical private club for a couple of hours a week to socialize. Today's professionals live fast-paced lives where work dominates the majority of their days. This is how the Iota Club fits in; as an events focused organization, we're able to give our members the experience of meaningful interactions without changing their lifestyles. In 2017, events will be hosted in Boston and New York. In the coming years, we will be expanding membership and events to Chicago, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. Please see here to learn more about the background of private social clubs.

Who is eligible to join?

Everyone is eligible to submit an application. The Iota Club does not prohibit or discriminate anyone from membership.

For any other questions, please contact us here or via email at