The Iota Club's history spans to the 18th century. This page represents a glimpse of how it all originated. 


We strive for the art of distinction.
We overcome notions of static convention.
We live interconnected and become all that we are capable to be.
We are the iota club.

Iota Club Watch

Its history spans to the 18th century, where the English upper-class held a tradition of excellence and created prominent private clubs to expand their spheres of influence. The goal was to broaden the members' circle of friends and acquaintances through frequent social occasions and activities which formed the core of club life. Events were momentous affairs for members; accomplished aristocrats from all parts of England were invited to enjoy a night of social intercourse in an atmosphere of elegance and comradeship. Distinguished guests included members of the royal family, prominent businessmen, and world-renowned artists. Membership was highly sought for, but only few invitations were extended to ensure the quality and prestige of the association. 

Iota Club Old Car

The English aristocrats coined the phrase "not one iota," meaning "not the slightest amount." In context, this phrase states to reject any notion of regularity, and to always strive for the utmost distinction. Embodying this definition, The Iota Club recreates this heritage of nobility and brings living with excellence into tomorrow.