A Word from the Founder

This letter represents the foundation upon how The Iota Club was built. It is a determination of whom we are today. 


The Art of Distinction

One night, while riding a cab home from work, I wondered to myself how lives were for people outside of finance. Having always worked in this one industry, I never thought about other fields. In fact, come to think of it, I knew very few people outside of finance. Moreover, other than my co-workers and a few friends back from college, I didn’t know many people at all...

I decided to explore further, and it turned out that I wasn’t alone – many of my colleagues had very similar experiences. Sure, we had large rolodexes of bankers and portfolio managers, but our networks could not be more narrow. This realization led me to be curious and wanting more, so I decided to do something about it and gathered a couple of ambitious minds together. After a couple of months of research and planning, the Iota Club was founded.

The intent of the Iota Club is very simple: to enrich the lives of us millennials with new, meaningful interactions. The idea is to connect industry leaders, contributors, and thinkers of different backgrounds together for interesting conversations and possible business opportunities. Imagine graduates of the arts, finance, technology, medicine, all in the same space – a breath of fresh air compared to having the same dialogue with the same people every day.

An organization is only as strong as its values and the people that embody them. As President, I will ensure that the club’s core foundation of diversified excellence always remains strong and that the best is provided for our members. After all, I think that regardless of our different backgrounds and experiences, we all strive for the same purpose in life: to become the very best version of ourselves that we could be.



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Simon Y.
The Iota Club